What Color Is Your Thumb?

We've been living in our home for about five years now, and I am just now starting to get a sense of how I want to live in it.  I don't know about you, but the way I start, is never the way it stays.  The walls breathe and the kitchen has a heartbeat.  The people that travel in and out of the front door change my perception of how I want to receive them, how I want them to feel when they leave.  Maybe to some, it's just a bit of paint here, or a sofa there, a painting on the upstairs hallway wall, a knick-knack on the end table.  But while I am slowly transitioning my life to hold less "stuff", the pieces that I choose to remain in my life hold even more meaning.  I carefully select which pictures to frame and which to send to the hard drive or "the cloud" (wherever that is).  I must decide between more space in the office for my husband to financially support us and the glider that I sat in to rock my babies while they nursed.  I am learning to emotionally detach myself from things so that our home can function for all of us as we grow and change, while still being intentional about what our home reflects about us.  In all of this growth and change and shift in perception, my need to create is constant.  So I decorate.  I decorate over and over and over until the items that I've chosen to keep look at home where I've placed them.  And it has taken almost five years for this to happen on the main floor of my home.  And, well, I make no promises as to how permanent "home" is...I have moved around twenty times in my thirty-eight years.

Anyway, the point to all of this is that something has been missing in all of my room re-do's. Houseplants.  If any of you read my blog years ago, you will remember that I had a pet fern.  His name was Fern.  And he died.  I have not had a house plant since.  So for a few weeks now I have been researching the most resilient houseplants for people who are prone to killing houseplants. I have studied the perfect light, soil, watering conditions, diseases, troubleshooting, YOU NAME IT! 

Please.  Help me to be successful.  Give me your tips, your advice, your warnings (your prayers)...things could get ugly.

But for now...they are beautiful...