Spring Fever

I am supposed to be writing a review on the latest book I read, but I have had a stretch of days off from work and most of my time has been spent learning and loving on my plants (and my children, of course, but mostly my plants).  I couldn't really tell you what the draw is to nurture houseplants, but I can tell you it is something I always admired in other people's homes when I would visit.  After purchasing several fake plants from Target, I finally forced myself to learn how to care for real ones.  There are no benefits to plastic plants, in fact, they have a negative impact on both the environment and my wallet, so why not improve my family's health AND help my house to become more green?  Anyway, I know I have been posting about plants probably in excess, but documenting my journey, whether through life or gardening, is a must.

My new addition to the African Violet spot is a beautiful pink.  I cut three leaves from this one to attempt to propagate new plants.  I will be posting their progress periodically (if it works!).

This friend was gifted to me by a patient a couple weeks ago.  I had to wrap it in a trash bag to protect it from the wind and snow on the roof of the parking garage, but it made it home safely, and now every one of its buds has bloomed beautifully. 

This is my English Ivy plant, which I may have photographed in an earlier post, but I am having a hard time finding a happy home for it, so I am attempting this table where it can receive more light.  I think it is growing, but I'm not sure.  Time will tell.

My succulents and cacti have found a new home in the office.  I am in the process of transitioning a chest of drawers into a planter, so stay tuned for that project.  In the meantime, my leaf cuttings and propagation projects live here with my new Peace Lily (to be introduced at a later date).  This room is also getting a makeover with a fresh new paint color and artwork, so maybe a house tour will be in the future for crazy people like me who enjoy looking at other people's homes (and plants, decor, furniture, artwork, etc.).

I'm looking forward to some outdoor gardening renovation!  Cleveland weather is unpredictable, but I'm hoping to make some improvements in the next couple weeks!  Happy Spring!