Podcast Episode 3: notes

I can't believe this is the third episode!!  Please feel free to view it below...

DISCLAIMER:  When I recorded the video this week, I used my camera instead of my phone.  While I was recording, the lighting looked completely normal.  However, once I uploaded it to my editing software, it became this muted mess.  I have since upgraded my software, and hopefully this kinks will be worked out before the next podcast.  So sorry!!  I will review some of the more colorful projects so that you can see the true colors!

Things and People mentioned in this podcast (click to be directed to the links):

The Tatted Tatter Podcast  


Paisley and Burlap


Finished Objects:

Granny Square Blanket - Stylecraft Special DK in Claret, Meadow, Stone, Duck Egg, and Spice

Petey (Richard) the Pig - Edward's Menagerie

Knitted Knockers CAL:

The Cozy Cottage Crochet Podcast with CAL info


Podcast Episode 2: notes

You can watch Episode 2 of the Pine Cottage Crochet Podcast below!

During Episode two I talked about the Smoky Mountain wrap.  This pattern was found at Mama in a Stitch (click HERE for her website and pattern) using Lion Brand yarn in the colors Badlands, Yellowstone, and Great Smoky Mountains.

smoky mountain wrap.jpg

I also discussed the amigurumi book Edward's Menagerie (Amazon link HERE) and my first attempt at amigurumi. I  crocheted Emma the bunny in Lion Brand Vanna's Choice:


Information for the Granny Crochet-Along hosted by Zeens & Roger can be found HERE, the project bag I shared can be found at the Etsy shop Rock Pumpkin Scissors HERE, and the Mario Brothers pattern for the corner to corner blanket can be purchased HERE.

Thank you for watching! 


Podcast Episode 1: notes

So if you are here, you are probably searching for all the things that I mentioned and promised would be in the "description box below the video" and then weren't.  You will come to know that I am rarely organized or efficient and you will either love me or hate me for it.  Alas, all the missing stuff is here (unless I forgot something).

If you haven't seen the first episode of my crochet podcast, please feel free to view it by clicking RIGHT HERE.  Or you can watch it below:

First, I would like to mention that the yarn I used for the mustard ribbed scarf is acrylic, however, it is a chunky yarn and I used an 8mm hook, not a 6mm like I blurted out into the interwebs.

Screenshot-2018-2-2 Nikol Gammalo The Pine Cottage ( thepinecottage) • Instagram photos and videos.png

Next, I mentioned that the sweater pattern I found was from Mama in a Stitch and I told you I would show a picture and I did not show a picture.  So HERE IS A BEAUTIFUL LINK to her website where you can find her blog post and many other photos of her work.  You will not be sorry.

I think those are the only two things I screwed up, but I could be wrong.  If I think of anything else, I will come right back here and add them in! :).

Thanks for stopping by!

Moving Past the Slipknot

As children, my cousins and I grew up watching our grandmother crochet - yarn was a constant.  When I was in college, she taught me how to first make a slipknot, and then how to stitch a simple single crochet.  I began what I thought would be a small scarf or blanket, but it really ended up being a series of rows still attached to the hook, crammed in a drawer.  I just recently found this skein of yarn and I am thirty-nine years old.

This time around, I have both Grandma as a resource...and YouTube (the heavens open and angels sing).  My knowledge of a slipknot has grown, and I am MAKING REAL THINGS!  I have decided to do my best at documenting my crochet journey.  Join me!  I would love to chat with others who enjoy creating things out of string as much as I do.