Moving Past the Slipknot

As children, my cousins and I grew up watching our grandmother crochet - yarn was a constant.  When I was in college, she taught me how to first make a slipknot, and then how to stitch a simple single crochet.  I began what I thought would be a small scarf or blanket, but it really ended up being a series of rows still attached to the hook, crammed in a drawer.  I just recently found this skein of yarn and I am thirty-nine years old.

This time around, I have both Grandma as a resource...and YouTube (the heavens open and angels sing).  My knowledge of a slipknot has grown, and I am MAKING REAL THINGS!  I have decided to do my best at documenting my crochet journey.  Join me!  I would love to chat with others who enjoy creating things out of string as much as I do.