Week 1 | Night

I have such a hard time with habits, as some of you know.  I attempted a 365 Project not too long ago where I even recruited others to join me in hopes that they could motivate me to keep up with it.  But no.  I forgive myself because I have to.  In order to improve as a photographer, I need to try again.  And so this is me.  Take two.  Only this time I am doing a weekly theme and I'm going solo so as not to disappoint others who are awesome at habits (and to scrape by with some self esteem in the end)…during the course of the week I will take as many photos as I am inspired to and then I will sort it all out at week's end.  I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants here, but that's how I work best…so there's hope.

Week One's theme is "Night".  I'm looking forward to trying some other things later in the week, but tonight I started to experiment with a toy flashlight…and then Sammy stole it and ran away.  I was left sitting on the floor in the dark with my camera, trying to muster up the energy to chase after him, but then he moved on to his toy train…and so I started shooting.  I could kiss his little face all day long and it still doesn't feel like enough.