It's here.  Officially.  We've reached the Potty Humor stage.

"Mom, what would you like me to bring you for lunch?" [pretending to be a waitress/waiter is a regular game in our house]  

"Do you want a POOP SANDWICH?!"

"How about POOP SOUP?!?!"  

I can't help but laugh right along with her because there is a seven year old living inside of me that every now and again just wants to jump right out and sit next to her.  And then there is my husband who is the one that starts the whole thing because I think he really might BE a seven year old! 

"Is it yummy?  Do you want more??"  Of course, I reply with an overdramatic, "GRRROOOSSSS!" for effect, but yes.  I want more.  I embrace the Potty Humor stage with open arms.

How could I not?