It's time.  It's time and it makes me sad, but ohmygoodness she is going to be five and she is still attached to the thing.  I might be more attached to this memory of her than she is attached to the actual pacifier.  But then again...

It's not something we encouraged, but here we are…and the little turkey behind her is headed in the same direction.  She promises to only use it at night, and yet I still find them all over the house…chewed up, ripped, full of carpet lint.  She doesn't care.  She goes to the bathroom and washes it with soap and water like it is an extension of her own little body.

We talk about how when she is five and in Kindergarten we will get rid of it.  She says, "ok DEAL!".  And then she is quiet for a moment and tears well up in her eyes and she says, "but Mom, I will miss it so much."  Me too, I want to tell her.  But instead I say nothing because tears are collecting in my eyes too.  

Maybe just a little while longer.  But only at bedtime.