Pulling stickers out of the rug, half-eaten bagels from behind the chair, sweeping the living room and replacing the pillows and blankets to their respective baskets/chairs…it all signals my children's brains to immediately and without hesitation do this:

It's as if they know that the living room is now clean and tidy and the perfect habitat for little wild animals to roam and run free.  They have impeccable timing, and while part of me wants to yell, "I JUST CLEANED EVERYTHING UP!!!!"…I hold my breath and wait ten seconds.  Because this just looks way more fun.  

When they first started doing it, my husband Tony nearly fell over in cardiac arrest because Sammy just free falls…no fear.  I assured him that if he did happen to miss the pillows and fall onto the floor…he would learn to land on the pillows next time (mother of the year right here).  

So if anyone ever wonders why I'm never available to get together, this is why.  I'm cleaning my living room again.  And again.  And I love every minute of it.