Today Nia returned to school after her Winter break…and I also returned to school after a five year break.  

I finally decided to work towards my Master's degree, and the plan is to eventually teach at a local University.  It will be a long road to my PhD with two little ones, but it will be worth it.  I want them to know that they are capable of anything, and that anything can be achieved with hard work.  At thirty-six I feel like it has taken me longer to get to this point than a lot of others, but I realize it's not a race.  I will get there in my own time, and opportunities will unfold how they are meant to.

While I tend to struggle to get through just one day in an organized fashion, I have made it my MISSION to create an OCD long term Plan…I'm talking card catalog complete with tiny drawers and dewey decimal system.   My brain is in overdrive.  But…for now I just need to get through the first day.  Baby steps.

Speaking of babies…I snuck in before Sammy woke from his nap to snap a shot of his sweet toes. You didn't think I would get through a daily post without an image of my children, did you?