Dear Sammy,

Time is a monster.  I can't take it away, I can't close the door on it or out-run it.  But this amazing, curious, wild, sweet boy you have become in two years' time?  Time can't take you away from me, and these moments will live in my memory forever.

You wake up in the morning and yell, "Dada!!" from your crib.  You are calling for me.  Every now and then you call me "Mama", but usually not.  I've come to expect it, and I will probably miss it when you get it right, just like I miss it now when you call your blankie "blanket" instead of "goo-kah", like you used to.

You love, love, LOVE attention, and if I'm not giving it to you, you spill things all over the floor, plunge your hand into the toilet, or write all over your body with markers and/or diaper rash cream.  If your sister isn't giving you the attention you crave, you pull her hair.  But we know the way to your heart is to love you and hug you and snuggle you, and you melt right in like a baby bear.  The other way to your heart, of course, is food.  So sometimes if we are really busy we just shove a banana at you. 

I keep having these flashes in my memory of the day you were born - how I loved you immediately, how you buried your little body into my neck as if you weren't nearly close enough. We bonded immediately and every day since.  Daddy calls you a Mama's Boy, but I know one day you won't need me quite like you do now, and if I do my job right, you won't.  And you will always land on your feet.  But for now?  You are obsessed with putting on your sister's pink underwear and you refuse to sleep in your big-boy bed.  So we have some work to do before you go off into the big, beautiful world.

I love your style, Kiddo.  

Love, Mama