Family Vacations

Family vacations were a huge part of my childhood, and even though we may not have had the resources to take long, extravagant trips, it was the quality of our time together that makes these memories so special.  I look forward to these years now with my own children, and I was so excited to introduce them to one of the places that was once so special for me.  Yes, amusement parks are overpriced and full of fat/toxic food, but it's the memories made in between that make the most impact.  I was beyond thrilled that my parents were able to join us for the kids' first time, and THANK YOU to my amazing mama for riding all the spinny rides (the rest of us get crazy motion sickness)!  The forecast called for rain, but we didn't care.  And it turned out to be a perfect mini getaway complete with Pajama Party and a Dance Party!  Riding a roller coaster after a fifteen year hiatus was pretty awesome, too (Sorry, Tony, that you were still queasy from the tilt-a-whirl with Nia)!